Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fast Pawn

The young wood pushers from Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School Chess Club again battle for their slot on the upcoming tournament this September 25, 2011.  Headed by their trainers Jodito Deroca and yours truly had their selection tournament for the “JOSE T. RABE RAPID CHESS TOURNAMENT AGEGROUP and NON MASTER”.  A 5-round Swiss System tournament per division was held at the school’s Chess Center.  Two combatants from the outstanding class (Class O) were selected for having the most number of wins in the tournament.  Luzzel Dacayo and Narciso Gravillo, Jr., 3rd year students, got 4 points each.  Another two players from the 1st year took an additional place.  Their names were Willy Raya with 5 wins,0 loss and Jeric Luna Regis got 4 wins,1 loss.  Two more players will be selected from the girls’ division tournament on Wednesday.  Good luck to all the players and give your best shot.