Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anti-Angry Birds Bill

After his proposed House Bill 5316 or the Anti-Planking Bill, Quezon City 2nd District Rep. Winston “Winnie” Castelo again blasts another intriguing and interesting proposal.  His House Bill 5379 or the Anti-Angry Birds Bill caught my attention.  House Bill 5379 or the Anti-Angry Birds Bill aims to monitor the diversity, quality and quantity of items bearing the angry birds likeness.  According to the draft, a stall shall have no more than two kinds of the said birds emblazoned on its items. Items under the scope of the bill, includes but is not limited to: cups, mugs, pens, crayons, stickers, underwear, t-shirts, lingerie, cellphone accessories, plush dolls, action figures, books, spoon & forks, plates, caps, children’s toys, pins, clothing accessories, hair accessories, pants, shorts, watches, flash drives, wrist straps, pillows, candies, and stationary items among others. Items not stated above but bears semblance or similarity to the Angry Birds franchise are subject to the law as well.  A witness told that Rep. Castelo went to 168 Mall in Divisoria to buy gifts for his godchildren.  But when he saw that most of the items there have Angry Birds sticker he just walked-out.
Violators to this law will be sentenced to 6 months solitary confinement to a special facility called “The Angry Birds Room”  inside the New Bilibid Prison. The room will be composed of an Angry Birds toilet,sink, tissue paper & soap, as well as walls painted with scenes from the game. Eating utensils for the inmate will also come standard with the said designs. Vendors who are found guilty are also subject to the confiscation of the prohibited items which will then be burned or donated to “The Angry Birds Room”.
Wow!  What does it feels like to be inside “The Angry Birds Room”?  If you want to try let’s wait for this bill to be pass and it’s up to you to go.

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